Yesterday Amphoric
9/8/2012- 10/14/2012

September 8—October 14, 2012 Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 8th, 7-10pm Ginny Cook, Rosemary Mayer, David J. Merritt
Yesterday Amphoric examines the impact of historicity, memory and death on the corporeal and material life of objects. Posing as an ensemble of apparitions, effigies, relics, and shrouds, this exhibition is a requiem to timelessness. Denying the separation between body and object, each artist maintains a devout presence within the works displayed—evoking what Indian philosopher Ananda Coomaraswamy referred to as a “continuous condition” rather than representing a specific thing or discrete moment in time. Ginny Cook connects modes of expression with forms of memorialization. Simultaneously inviting and resisting a sympathetic eye, Cook’s images mourn the failures of communication through photography while celebrating the fluid textual capabilities of the medium. David J. Merritt explores the negative inner-space of the body, the vastness of outer-space and archaeological methods of extraction, transport and display. Totemic and ritualistic objects cast and assembled with traditional materials like plaster and clay come into being from the calcification of marks made by hands pawing and scratching. The work of Rosemary Mayer became public in the early 1970’s with large-scale fabric sculptures named for forgotten women in Western history. This exhibition includes her work from the eighties based on Neolithic or Classical vessels that act as living figures relaying ghostly odes of ineffability and impermanence.


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Installation view of Yesterday Amphoric