Garden Dwellers
7/12/2017- 8/9/2017

our bodies’ water is controlled by the moon and
become desperate to see what is behind all this as the night approaches
the nights are when we are renewed with plants or friends or
an orange sherbet light if you are patient with the day
lemons are the apples sip the street actions grab a bagel and eat it quick before the cream cheese gets away from you
an eden in the city and stay cool all the while all our inner snakes are all coiled inside yes some
upsetting knowledge about human nature is found but what is wrong is not the carnal stuff but carnage
get loose on casual Fridays
go outside and then make a poem about it all when the temperature drops
and your mind kicks back anyone curious and messy
make room we are many a small plot of land or a strip of cement, inchworm over

Including work by:

Julie Tuyet Curtiss
Ben Dowell
Federico de Francesco
Dave Hardy
EJ Hauser
Fabienne Lasserre
Amy Lincoln
Portia Munson
Heidi Norton
Maureen St Vincent
Zuriel Waters
Abbey Williams
Bryce Zackery

EJ Hauser
garden dwellers (spring), 2015
oil on canvas
20 x 16 inches

Amy Lincoln
Lily and Ranunculus, 2017
Oil on panel
20 x 24 inches

Julie Tuyet Curtiss
Two women, two hats, 2014
Flash paint on paper and wood panel
20 x 25 inches

installation view

Federico de Francesco
Homage to Creole Dancer 1’
Oil on canvas
84 x 67

Amy Lincoln
Sun Through Plants, 2016, acrylic on panel, 16 x 20 inches

Zuriel Waters
Neg Head Painter, 2017
Oil on Canvas
20 x 50 inches