In companion with the exhibition: Hand's Tide

by Jesse Seldess

If I left the ending for you
Until the others present can find it

The sun will already have gone down
At a slow pace refraining the ending

Starting off but not coming to an end
Beginning with a sound but not ending

I interrupted myself

Or broke signaling distance just now
Beyond the scattered signaling

The distance just now
Scattered inexpenses further

It tried regardless
Distance just now reaching us

With features just now reaching us

As it had tried to be features regardless
As it had tried to be regardless

Regardless the distance broke signaling

No matter regardless the distance

No matter regardless the insistence

Or the phone ringing nor writing down

Or rather broke features by signaling

More matter broke by signaling
Or rather broke by signaling

Nor matter broke by signaling

Or rather the airwaves broke signaling

Or matter the airwaves spoke signaling

No matter the airwaves broke signaling

And which sent a broke signaling
No matter you had the airwaves

No matter who had the airwaves

Scattering the airwaves for you

Scattered over the airwaves

Though I left the ending for you
To further scatter inexpensively

And further scattered inexpenses
That features could crawl all over

That scattered inexpenses further

That mattered inexpenses further

That scattered inexpenses further

That scattered the airwaves further
And further across the inexpenses

Across the shattered airwaves

Jesse Seldess edits Antennae, a journal of experimental writing and language-based music and performance scores (, and is the author of two books of poems, Who Opens and On Condition of the Others Being Present (Kenning Editions, 2006 and forthcoming). “Left Having” will appear in full as a chapbook on Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs.

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